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Our Company

Founded in 2010 by Superfluid Software, uLawPractice is a fully-functional practice management software that saves time, money, and effort for law firms of all sizes. uLawPractice was developed by law professionals and tech entrepreneurs who envisioned creating a tool that effectively managed the day-to-day operations of a law practitioner. The Canadian cloud-based solution has integrated one-click form automation, simplified trust and general accounting capabilities, and robust matter analytics to enhance law offices across the country. Since its inception, uLawPractice has enabled paralegals and lawyers across Canada to reduce their costs as well as increase revenue by converting unbillable to billable time.

uLawPractice listens to customer feedback and is constantly upgrading its rich feature set to provide the greatest user experience. uLawPractice also works with Canadian legal associations, educational institutions and industry leaders to further enhance its feature set and provide Legal accounting as a curriculum to budding legal professionals. Through its partnerships with legal associations and top-notch customer service, uLawPractice has been recognized as the most trusted practice management solution in Canada.

With a fully-integrated feature set and a team that strives to improve the practice management industry, uLawPractice allows law firms everywhere to manage what matters— anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Our Mission

Automate the business of legal professionals to increase billable hours and reduce company overhead.

Who we are

A team of experienced professionals

Terry Curtis
Chairman & President

Terry Curtis currently serves as the chairman and the president of Superfluid Software and oversees all strategic activities for the company and uLawPractice. Terry has worked in the telecommunications and computing industries for over 40 years.

Terry Curtis
Chairman & President