Getting Started With uLawPractice

Info graphics above shows the steps to complete migration to uLaw.

The Videos below outline how to complete all these steps. Please click here to setup the One-on-One, we will help you migrate.

To get you started we have a sample Excel file, download this file and fill the three sheets.

  • Sheet One is where you export your client from your current software or excel and paste it here, once you have this you can import into uLaw under a minute
  • Sheet Two is your Client Trust listing after the last reconciliation, if you have not been performing reconciliation because your currently are not able to do it then contact us and we can build this for you
  • Sheet Three is a list of all balances, and you need to fill that so that we can put the right opening balance for you
  • After you have this excel filled out contact our support and migration team